Can you see me? by Lynne Lee | BOOK REVIEW


It's a first today! At the end of last month I was kindly sent an advance copy of Can you see me? to give an honest review and here it is. Also keep reading if you want to know more details about the release.
When I was browsing all the upcoming books for 2020, this one caught my attention. The description sounded like something I would enjoy and I was right.

CAN YOU SEE ME? by Lynne Lee

Genre: fiction, mystery and thriller
Rating: 4/5

The main character Julia, who recently lost her husband, was surfing one day when she saw a boy snooping outside her beach house. She tried to call after him but the boy got injured. Luckily she knew what to do and managed to get help and save him but, who was he? And why was he around her house? The only thing she knows is that he has a butterfly tattoo.

After that, her daughter Tash remembered a series of strange things happening and Julia realised they were being watched. That made Julia even more desperate to know the identity of the boy and get to the end of it.

Lee did an amazing job here. It took me a few tries to get into the book but then I couldn't put it down. At the beginning it felt like it was dragging and a bit slow but trust me, once you're past that it's so so gripping and you'll understand how necessary it was.
The story and the characters are great, I loved Julia as a protagonist. It's quite refreshing seeing a strong female character without feeling like it's forced into that role just to please the people.
Their development, the mysteries and secrets made me want to read more and I was happy with the ending. Something I usually struggle with when I finish a book.

Now if that plot sounds like something you think you would like, the official release date is the 1st of January but you can get a copy thanks to Amazon First Reads here.

Also thanks to NetGalley for sending me a copy of this to review, I'm so glad I got to read this. I definitely recommend it.

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