"Must watch" during lockdown


Personally I am someone who doesn't watch a lot of TV, or any at all, and when I'm watching a show on a streaming service I usually do one show a time kind of thing.

But something I realised during this past month and a bit is how much content there is out there. I knew that we have hundreds of shows to choose from but I never felt so overwhelmed by that before.
So this is my attempt to help indecisive people when it comes to pick a show to watch!
At home we have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ so I've been watching things here and there and these are some of my favourite shows and movies.

- Dead to me (Season 2 came out a few days ago and let me tell you ... I was excited)
- One day at a time (I watched this last year but it is a must, so so funny!)
- Our Planet
- Kingsman. The secret service
- All the bright places
- Uncut gems

Amazon Prime
- The boys
- Good Omens (watched because Neil Gaiman and LOVED IT)
- The Office (I don't know why it took me so long!)
- Ready player one
- The wold of Wall Street
- We're the Millers

-The Imagineering Story
- Lizzie McGuire
- America's Nationals Parks
- Sky High
- Zootroplis
- The Princess Diaries

My boyfriend and I have been doing a Harry Potter marathon too which I highly recommend because if you're like me and love the wirzarding world, it will bring back all the feels.

And those are my picks. I think there is something for everyone, but let me know if you have something to recommend!

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