Things I am doing to be more sustainable


Over a year ago I decided to stop buying pretty much everything (that wasn't essential). I wrote a blog post about the self imposed shopping ban and to be honest I keep finding it easier and easier the longer I do it. 

But today I am not talking about the ban, instead I thought I would talk about some things that help me WITH the ban but also help the environment.

My top 5 best Summer books to read


There is something about summer that makes everyone one to read. The sun and the nice weather call for a light read sitting outside with a cold drink. 

Bookworms get excited because new titles come out during the season, most of us have our favourite "summer" author and even casual readers know it is time to relax with a book. So, I had a look through my shelves and Goodreads Read list (which is in desperate need of updating) and I have put together a list of my favourite books that I think would make a perfect summer read.

Favourite Lush products for summer | Shower and skincare


It has finally started to feel a bit more summery in the UK for the past week so I thought why not write about nice fresh scents?

May favourites 2020 | I tried Virtual Reality!


How is it June already? Is it just me or May flew by? That means another month of favourites to share with you.
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