Things I am doing to be more sustainable


Over a year ago I decided to stop buying pretty much everything (that wasn't essential). I wrote a blog post about the self imposed shopping ban and to be honest I keep finding it easier and easier the longer I do it. 

But today I am not talking about the ban, instead I thought I would talk about some things that help me WITH the ban but also help the environment.
I have probably mentioned this in a previous post but I am trying my best to be more sustainable. These aren't massive changes, just little (and obvious) things to help create less waste.

REUSE AND FINISH WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. This is probably the most common thing people don't do, and it was my first thought too. It is great if you want to start your "sustainable journey" straight away but at the end of the day, it's all down to not wasting things so if you have some hand soap or cotton pads already open don't throw them away.
Once you start do it LITTLE BY LITTLE. I wrote down the things I was running out of and tried to find the best alternative.
Like I mentioned before, you can change your cotton pads for reusable ones made out of some kind of fabric. Or using a bar of soap instead of soap that comes in a bottle.

Another thing that really helps and costs you literally nothing is AVOID PLASTIC WHEN YOU GO SHOPPING. I have been doing this for years and even shops have the option to buy a reusable bag but I would recommend taking your own tote bag so you don't end up with a pile of reusable bags from every trip to the shop.
Another thins is, when you can, try to buy fruit and veg that doesn't come wrapped in plastic. 

We are also trying to GENERATE LESS WASTE AT HOME. I don't know if the rules are the same everywhere in the UK but in our flat we have recycling bins for literally everything. When we go food shopping we try and only buy what we need for the week. We save all the glass jars to reuse them instead of buying plastic lunch boxes or cling film. We have metal straws and glass water bottles that we also carry with us when we go out so we don't have to buy plastic ones.

In my shopping ban post I also mentioned that I got rid of over half of my clothes and that is also another step I decided to take to be more sustainable. STOP BUYING FAST FASHION was probably the hardest change but I was determined to save money so I put up with it, and I realised I don't need that many clothes. Now when I see something I like I ask myself if I have something similar at home and if the answer is yes, great but if the answer is no, well do I really need it? Is it going to be one of those things I buy because I like it and only wear once?
But if I'm looking for something specific I always try to find it on charity shops or second hand shops.

And that's it. Like I said they're not huge changes but everyone can do them.
Do you guys have any other tips? 

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