30 bullet journal ideas


4 cheap and thoughtful gift ideas for this Christmas


Hello hello! Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my shopping ban post, I am trying my best to make better choices when I buy Christmas presents this year. So in case you're on the same boat or just want some ideas, here's a few things you can do for your friends and family. Also, Christmas is in less than a week and these are all super quick to make.

Free printable journal kit | DEC. 2019


If you like decorating your planner/bullet journal, don't worry, I've got ya! Today I'm bringing you something new and FREE.

Can you see me? by Lynne Lee | BOOK REVIEW


It's a first today! At the end of last month I was kindly sent an advance copy of Can you see me? to give an honest review and here it is. Also keep reading if you want to know more details about the release.

Did I survive my shopping ban?


The answer is yes. I've always been quite savvy with my money but I also like shopping a lot. Although I'm not the kind of person who spends £200 in one go, probably not even £100. I like to pick up things here and there instead of going out for the sole purpose of buying things, but this got out of hand and it took me a while a to realise. 

Free Christmassy resources


It is almost December and everyone is getting the Christmassy posts ready (maybe they've already uploaded a few!) so I'm bringing you some resources to help you make your blog a bit more festive.

Winter TBR 2019 | Old books and pretty covers


This past month I've been getting back into reading, a lot, not just on the bus to and from work. So I thought I would share my TBR list for the next few months. 

My everyday skincare


I've never ever been a skincare person. I'm more drawn to make up and all the glitters because that's what you can actually see when you apply it on your face but since February I tried to start taking care of my skin a bit more. I mean, we all know that a good skincare routine is important but can we be bothered? If it's in the morning we're usually rushing to work and in the evening we're too tired and the first thing we reach for is a makeup wipe.
I used to apply the tiniest bit of moisturiser because I'm not a fan of feeling like I have something sitting on my face but now I try my best to use these products everyday. I know they work for me and also, I've realised that once I've used them I actually feel a bit better.



After almost two years I will be back at Disneyland Paris at the end of November! The last time I went for 4 days and one of them was raining buckets so I couldn't do a lot, but I had the best time anyway.
This time I will be going with my boyfriend, who I've been trying to convince him to come with me for months (pretty much since I came back from my last trip).


A bit of a weird one to start a blog but it is what it is. Two years and a bit ago I moved to London. Not only was my first time moving abroad, but my first time moving at all and since then I've moved houses twice, three times counting this one.
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