A bit of a weird one to start a blog but it is what it is. Two years and a bit ago I moved to London. Not only was my first time moving abroad, but my first time moving at all and since then I've moved houses twice, three times counting this one.

When I first decided I was moving abroad I knew what I wanted and maybe that's why I rushed everything. I was working in an office at the time, a job that I didn't really enjoy but it helped me save. After two years and a half I handed in my notice and two weeks later I was boarding plane ready to go and me being how I am, I got very excited about being in a new place and being able to decorate a new place so I over-bought. Plates, glasses, bowls... the lot. Logically thinking that wasn't my best idea because THOSE THINGS BREAK, luckily I didn't even take them with me in the end.

I spent over a month in a hostel around Greenwich, living out of a suitcase while I was trying to figure out the job and living situation. Then went back home to pick up the rest of my things and when I finally moved into the flat, let's say that it didn't go as planned.
We signed up for a year but the situation wasn't the best so I moved in with a girl from work half way through my contract so I had to pay two rents YAY! bye savings.

A year and a half passed and I decided to move again. Out of London this time. Somewhere completely different and now, two months later I am moving again. This is flat is like a pit stop but I am determined to make it look nice and feel homly. And hopefully I will share it here as we go.

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