After almost two years I will be back at Disneyland Paris at the end of November! The last time I went for 4 days and one of them was raining buckets so I couldn't do a lot, but I had the best time anyway.
This time I will be going with my boyfriend, who I've been trying to convince him to come with me for months (pretty much since I came back from my last trip).

When I found out I had the whole month of November off work I was excited because I thought we
could manage to book something for Halloween but it ends on the 9th. Then I started looking at the dates and we're going during Disney's Enchanted Christmas and YAAAAAY the excitement is real! And since I'm the crazy Disney fan, and let's be honest, the more organised of us two, I took control of all the planning and booking side of things.

So, I am not an expert when it comes to booking Disney trips, my two previous visits were either planned by the family I was staying with when I was studying in France or a friend, but I want to think I've watched enough videos and read enough posts to know what I'm doing... kind of.

We will be going at the end of November. From the 24th to the 27th, and like I said it will be during the Enchanted Christmas season. I've seen pictures from last year and it looked very pretty with all the trees and the lights. AND THAT PARADE.

Let's start with the flights. We're flying from Spain because we're going to visit my family first and then we added the Magical Shuttle that picks you up at the airport and takes you to your hotel. It is more expensive than taking the tube but it's also quicker and a lot easier if you speak 0 French.
Since we booked it directly through the Disneyland Paris website we'll be getting Extra Magic Time and free shuttle bus that takes us from our hotel to the park. I know you can probably book it for cheaper if you stay off Disney, and some of the partner hotels have the bus service too, but it was a lot more convenient for us since we booked everything last minute and we didn't have a lot of time to do research and you can get it all as a pack.
We are going to be staying at Disney's Hotel Santa Fe, mostly because it was the cheapest at the time we booked and it had 15% off and half board dinning included but I've stayed there before and it's quite nice. It is Cars themed and quite close to the parks.

And then for our way back we could have taken the Eurostar straight back to the U.K but we're not in London anymore and a 7 hour bus trip is not a very nice way to end a trip, is it? So we're flying back to Bristol and then it's just a couple of hours away from home.

I'm so excited I've already downloaded the app, and sometimes I check on the rides just to have an idea of the waiting times. And I will be taking advantage of the fast passes.

Next, I have to check the restaurants we want to book so if you have any favourites just let me know. Also do you have any Disney trip planned? Or have you been to Disney before? I want all the details!

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