7 goals for 27


I am turning 27. My birthday is around the corner and honestly, I have never been one to make new goals for the year ahead but since we are trapped at home I have been thinking about what I want from my life and some changes I would like to make to improve myself.
Most of these things are not revolutionary or huge life changers but just little things I think would be good for me.

1. Get a new job. And by this I don't mean getting another retail job. This time I would like it to be a career move. I've worked both office/admin job and retail and there is nothing wrong with any of them, but I feel I need to go back to having a Monday to Friday schedule where all my shifts are the same hours.
Routine is a huge must when it comes to my mental health and I haven't had it for the past, almost, 3 years.

2. Get back into running. I have been putting this off for ages and I think this is it. Before I moved to the UK I was running every day for a solid year and I loved it.

3. Learn a new skill. This is so cliche but I would like to learn something new. And that's about it!

4. Move. Same as changing jobs, I don't one my next move to be just another change of location. I would like to buy a house/flat in the next year so fingers crossed guys!

5. Post consistently. I have been guilty of posting for a few weeks and then disappearing, a few times actually but I am determined to keep it going now, so I hope you guys keep reading!

6. Visit my family more. Before all this started I was supposed to book some days off to go back home for my birthday, and then I realised that in over 3 years I have only visited my family 4 or 5 times and that is not a lot.

7. Complete my Goodreads challenge! Ok, yes. I know this challenge stars in January but I've been slacking off and procrastinating for the past couple of months and now I am really behind so I would like to pick up the pace and get back into my reading habit.

I think pretty much all of those goals are pretty achievable right? Also, do you set goals for in January or for your birthday? Let me know!

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