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Howdy! Today I wish I was writing from where this picture was taken but nope. Still, I thought it was a very appropriate way to say hi to you all.

After seeing a few people on Instagram saying they didn't understand how the Fast Pass system works at Disneyland Paris, I thought I could try my best to explain it here. And it is not complicated at all one you start using it.

As someone who's only visited the Disneyland Paris park I'm really familiar with this system and it's almost like a game once you get the hand of it. So here we go.

First of all, anyone with a DLP park ticket (for that day) can get a Fast Pass.

It is super simple. Once you're in the park you just need to walk up to the ride! Not all rides have available fast passes, but the ones they do they usually have a tent with some ticket machines next to the ride and a screen showing the available times for the fast passes. Once you're there you just need to scan your ticket. If the tent is closed, it's because they run out of fast passes. Easy.

I think this is the main difference with the fast passes you can get if you go to Walt Disney World, in Paris you don't need to book them in advance.

Another thing to have in mind is that, as far as I know, there is not limit to how many you can get a day but you are limited to one at a time, this is also all linked to how busy the park is that day.
Also sometimes you can have a Fast Pass from 14:45 to 15:15 and be able to get a new one at 14:20 for example so check the times on the ticket.

Like I said before, not all rides have Fast Pass so if you want to plan ahead these are the ones that do have them: (I've taken this list from the DLP website)

-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Adventureland 
-Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain, Discoveryland
-Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast*, Discoveryland
-Big Thunder Mountain, Frontierland 
-Phantom Manor, Frontierland (only for Super and Ultimate Fast Pass)
-Peter Pan's Flight, Fantasyland 
-Star Tours, Discoveryland

-The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror**, Production Courtyard
-Ratatouille: The Adventure, Toon Studio

In my opinion it is a good list of rides, the more popular ones are there cough*besides Crush' Coaster*cough.

There is also a fairly new service, and I say fairly new because the first time I visited Disneyland Paris was in 2009 and I don't remember it all, where you can book a Fast Pass for a ride and a time of your choice if you stay on site. It is only for certain hotels so I'll leave a link HERE in case you guys want to check that when you're booking.

And finally, another new thing they have added in the last few years is "Super and Ultimate Fast Pass" where you basically can pay per person per day to get on the rides without having to get a Fast Pass ticket with a time slot. 
Personally I wouldn't use that if I have a 4 day ticket because these parks are not that big and you can get pretty much everything done in 3 days. But if I was only going for a day and I wanted to get on all the rides and still have time to see the parades and fireworks and shows I think it could be worth it.

I really hope this answers some of your questions, and make sure to check the links for any updates of rides or new fast passes. Byeee!

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