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I have been struggling with my hair for years. It is very thin, frizzy and to be honest, I don't know if I can say I have curly hair anymore.
But for the past three months or so I have been trying my best to give my hair a rest and that started by being more aware of what I put on it. These products are my perfect combo right now!
For some backstory, as a kid I had almost corkscrew curls that turned into a looser curl as I grew up. It looked very nice but I hated it back then.
In school all my friends had straight hair and I felt very weird with this big fluffy mop on my head, so I would wear super tight ponytails every day, to the point that even after washing my hair I had a kink from my hair band.

Then I got my first pair of straighteners when I was 12 or 13 and let me tell you ... they were rubbish! they did anything but straighten my hair but for some reason I kept using them.

A few years and a new pair of straighteners later I started to wear my hair curly a bit more but I always had to straighten the ends. It looked like an inverted perm if that makes sense. Looking back it was horrible and I don't know why my parents let me go out like that but oh well, live and learn.

And then one day, for some reason I started to do my hair differently altogether. To be honest, that way of doing my hair has lasted until now and if I ever use heat on my hair that's how I do it.

I've also been through phases of straightening my hair single day for months, bleaching my hair to make it pink and even a "temporary" keratin treatment.
This last one was what really ended my hair. For a start it didn't do a good job of leaving my hair straight since day 1. After 3 washes I was sick of it and I wanted it gone. It's been over a year now and my hair is this ridiculous texture where all the bottom layers are super nice and curly and the top layer is dead straight, but not even nice straight, just frizzy.
I even tried the curly girl method but it did nothing other make me spend money and time.

After all that rambling, this is the moment when these products make an appearance!
Like I said, I have been testing them for a few months now and I can feel my hair getting healthier again. Weird texture aside, the hair feels super soft and not as frizzy when I use them together.

Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Shampoo in Argan Oil of Morocco
First of all the smell of this is insane! This shampoo is made to repair damaged hair and leave it more alive after every wash. Also it doesn't have any colourants, parabens and it's gluten free.
The texture is quite thick but it washes off really nicely and leaves the hair feeling really clean and smooth and not greasy at all.

Herbal Essences Bio.Renew hair Conditioner in Argan Oil of Morocco
Same as the shampoo. Super nice smell and thick texture. I always use it after using the matching shampoo just because I feel weird mixing products from different brands and also it works better when you apply both.

And finally... the game changer.

Garnier Hair Food 3 in 1 Hair Mask in Papaya
I have always been a big fan of hair masks but this one, in my opinion, is the best thing I've put on my hair in years. It is a 3 in 1 mask so you can use it as a regular conditioner, a leave in or a hair mask, depending on how dry your hair it.
I usually use it as a leave in conditioner, but once a month I would use it as a mask. You need the tiniest amount of product and when I apply it I never do it all the way up to my roots (that might be why I still have some frizz at the top of my hair).
I would really recommend this if you are looking for something to give your hair that last bit of moisture that it needs.

These three have been my saviours since I had a haircut back in February. My hair usually feels very unhealthy after a few weeks but I think they've really helped.
Now, what I need is a good styling product that help my curl stay. Like I mentioned earlier, my top layer is super straight and I'm doing my best to bring the curl back but it's not having it! so if you have any recommendations please comment them below, I'm open to try a few.

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